Rules for Entry & Voting

Conditions of Entry

  1. All conveyancing firms in the UK can enter.
  2. Firms who wish to enter must have been trading on or before 1st January 2016.
  3. Firms operating in a specific geographical area can enter the Regional Conveyancer Category.
  4. Firms operating nationally can enter the National Conveyancer Category.
  5. Entries close on 31st March 2017.

Conditions for Voting

  1. Clients you have completed the conveyancing for on residential sale or purchase from 1st January 2016 up to 31st August 2017 are eligible to complete the survey.
  2. Clients you have completed the conveyancing for on a remortgage are also eligible to complete the survey.
  3. Clients may only vote once each transaction.
  4. Members of staff AND ex staff may not complete questionnaire for the same firm.
  5. New members of staff (who have accepted a position at the firm but not yet started) who are a client of the firm may NOT complete a questionnaire.
  6. Immediate relatives of staff (spouse, partner, parents or children) are not allowed to complete the questionnaire of behalf of the firm that the relative works for.
  7. Voting closes on 31st August 2017

Conditions for Completing Questionnaires

  1. Questionnaires must be completed and received by 12 noon on 31st August 2017.
  2. Questionnaire are CONFIDENTIAL and therefore must be completed by the client NOT by a staff member at the conveyancing firm on their behalf.
  3. Clients must not be influenced by the conveyancing firm while completing their questionnaire.
  4. Questionnaires may NOT be completed over the phone by staff on behalf of clients.
  5. Firms must notify us of any questionnaires completed by clients online in their offices (our voting system tracks IP addresses for every vote submitted).
  6. Questionnaires completed without valid contact details may be deleted.
  7. All customers who complete the questionnaire will be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000 from us (The ESTAS Group).
  8. Conveyancers may offer their own incentive to clients to complete the survey.  HOWEVER the incentive cannot be related to the score to be given by the client.  If we are informed by clients that a conveyancer is offering an incentive for ‘excellent’ ratings that firm will be disqualified.


  1. Regional firms taking part must have a minimum of 15 questionnaires completed by clients
  2. National firms taking part must have a minimum of 100 questionnaires completed by clients.
  3. The FINAL SCORE for each firm will be calculated by taking the Average % Score and weighting this by the % Bonus achieved – determined by the total votes received.
  4. The Average % Score is the score which can be viewed by each firm on their dashboard on our website. This score is calculated from the ratings each client gives when completing the survey.  The % Bonus is added after the vote audit period and this will determine the FINAL SCORE for each firm.

Vote Audit

  1. Each firm taking part must inform us of any duplicate votes or rogue votes (names that are not recognisable as one of your clients).
  2. A phone audit will take place.  Any votes without a valid phone number may deleted.
  3. If phone numbers are unobtainable or not related to the firm in question may be disqualified.

The ESTAS Group reserve the right to disqualify any firm who does not abide by the above rules.